Lasses Trust In Providence

by Claire White with Robbie Leask

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Compact Disc in a plastic-free cardboard case with an accompanying 20-page booklet. Stunning Shetland landscape photography forms the backdrop to written stories behind all thirteen tracks, and a glossary of over 300 Shetland words helps with lyric translation.

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'Lasses Trust in Providence' is the name of a traditional Shetland fiddle tune but it also neatly describes the content of this album. Here are ninth to twenty-first century women's tales which illuminate the 'She' in Shetland. In dialect and occasionally English language, songs touch on themes of exploration, witchcraft, motherhood, friendship, creativity, courage and survival. Traditional and self-penned, lyrics paint a nuanced picture of island femininity, framed by memorable melodies.


released December 10, 2018

Composition, vocals and fiddle by Claire White
Composition and guitar by Robbie Leask
Recording and mixing by Tim Matthew at Mareel Recording Studio, Lerwick
Mastering by Jonathan Ritch
Design by Louise Bichan
Photography by Louise Bichan
Manufacturing by Birnam
All arrangements by Claire White and Robbie Leask


all rights reserved



Claire White Scotland, UK

Claire White is an award-winning Shetland singer-songwriter and fiddler. She learned music from Dr Tom Anderson and has been performing and teaching internationally for twenty-five years. She has previously played in Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sardinia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Ireland and the UK. ... more

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Track Name: Da Fateful Tale o Marion Pardone
Du felled neebor fock wi seekness
Wir baess dey lost der life 
A ston du lowsed aneeth a man
Dan saved him for his wife
Du took awa da profit
Fae bere an milk an kye
Udders filled wi blöd an water
Göd malt wis marred forby

Da curses rain, da charges fly
Dat you, rank witch, cannot deny
Da curses rain, da charges fly
Dat you, rank witch, cannot deny

Du cast madness on dy servant
Becis shö widna bide
She drew blöd fae your twa fingers
An eence again cam richt
Du killed able working horses
Kept corbie company
Consortit wi anidder witch
Shunned God fir aa ta seeS

Dy taste for wicked witchcraft
At last sealed dy demise
Fir a fishing boat du capsized
A neesick dy disguise
Du droondit four aboard her
Ee flat calm Hillsook day
Dy man an dee wis brocht ta see
Der wis a price ta pay

Dy haands wis placed on twa dry crangs
A craig-bane bled ageen
Fae anidder’s finger blöd gushed
Göd’s judgement it wis seen
Dy guilt wis worthy o dy death 
In 1644
Apo da Berrie wast hill
Du wis strangled dat voarS

Dy burnin freed wis o dy curse
Dy evil tongue an eye
Göd’s justice done, da Deil slain
Nae mair sal du deny
Göd’s justice done, da Deil slain
Nae mair sal du deny
Track Name: Da Norrowa Wheel
Tim-tim-ta ra-a, tim-tim-ta-ree
Da treed is snöddin trowe da ee
An tim-tim-ta ree-e, an tim-tim-ta raa
Da wap-towe haes a boannie caa

Tim-tim-ta ra-a, tim-tim-ta-ree
Da pirm is bookin i’da flee
An tim-tim-ta ree-e, an tim-tim-ta raa
Du’s gyaain fae me, du’s gyaain awa

Tim-tim-ta ra-a, tim-tim-ta-ree
An twine da boannie treed wi me
An tim-tim-ta ree-e, an tim-tim-ta raa
Da sweerie foo is gotten aa
Track Name: Da Hennie
Thursday nights ir diamonds
A jewel atae wir weeks
A dram, an supper too
A time ta gaff an sheeks
For sixty years wir met
Wis six, an idders tö
Eight o clock’s da keek aff
O t ree oors o "whit’s new?"

If we need, we shout

If we need, we shout

We pit wir heids tagedder

An we work it out

Da Hennie’s foo wir kent
We gadder turn aboot
Birthdays an Christmas
Is whan we aa geng oot
In 1960
Fae bairns we took wir aese
Wir makkin it cam too
Fir dan wis leaner days

Wir faced life tagedder
Weddings, births an grief
Spaekin aathing trowe bar
Politics an belief
Work at da phone exchange
In offices forby
In taxis an textiles
Wis foo we med wir wye

Lerwick life his altered
Fae early hennie days
Oil wealth brocht changes
New rods, new maet, new claes
Helly buses
Geed fae da Market Cross
But taxis shön took owre
An memories wis wir loss

Sixty years o freendship
Whit is dat really wirt?
Yis, it’s disagreements
But n’er an ackwart wird
An wir bairns noo
Haes a hennie tö
Da acht o wir meetins
Biggin lives anew
Track Name: Hands Across the Hills
The Shetland Bus headquarters
They set our five day course
Nine hundred miles to Tromsø
The Brattholm would traverse
A cargo of explosives
To damage German stores
In ’43 was loaded
On Scalloway’s fair shores

Hands across the hills and
Hearts across the sea
Through ice and wind and weather
Our spirits they soar free

March 28th we landed
In Toftefjord’s snug bay
A merchant he betrayed us
A warship sailed our way
Our fuse it was ignited
The Brattholm was no more
All twelve desperate seamen
Swam through the ice to shoreS

Behind beach rocks I cowered
And shot my hunters low
To Sweden then my sights turned
Through eighty miles of snow
A toe lost to a bullet
I fled one hundred then
Alone I faced the journey
Mourning now my menS

On stepping stones of kindness
I painfully edged south
A host of nameless heroes
Brought help by word of mouth
Snow-blind, frostbit and wounded
A month in snowdrift bound
Five days lost in an avalanche
Was where my strength I found

Pursued up to the border
Then saved by reindeer sled
Recovery took ten weeks
Confined throughout to bed
Escape was tinged with sadness
Sweet liberty at last
But Norway’s freedom beckoned
And friendships have held fast
Track Name: Minnie o Shirva's
Da boatie sails an da boatie rowes
Dey set dir sails an dey hail dir tows
Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie lamb
De faider is comin awa fae fram

Da sheep dey baa, an da craas dey craa
Dey flap dir wings an dey flee awa
Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie flee
Aald Da’ll be comin wi shalls ta dee

Da burnie rins an da burnie rowes
Da lambs dey dance ower da hedder-kowes
Hush-a-baa-baa, me treasure dear
Dey’ll naebody hurt dee whin Mam is near

Da laverick lifts an he sings ta aa
Da winter comes wi da caald an snaa
Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie flooer
Lang Willie is löin ahint da door

Da mares dey böl an da kye comes hame
We lay wis doon ida Gödie’s name
Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie ting
He covers wis aa wi His holy wing
Track Name: Peanuts' Shed
In wir shed o dreams it’s
Foo bricht we shine wir licht

Mair life I’m niver seen
Athin ee peerie place
As in dy shed dis hairst
An in dy sonsie face
"Jeanette Nowak shö bides
In Nort-a-Voe” dey’d tell
On axin fir Peanuts
Whan stravaigin trowe Yell

Sun ida window
An in dy glansin een
A coose o creations
Da rarest I hed seen
Beetroot laeves lay dryin
Firnenst sea gless an lem
Hingin bowes an baskets
Skoitin neest a ring

Dy seaborne proil sat prunk
In reason an in rhyme
Frida Kahlo chaise longue
A place for tinkin time
Fashion lasses fun dee
Here in dy lichtsome state
Reddin up afore dem
Aboot ta change dy gaet

A basket clippit up
Balled doon apo da flör
Dichted an laid up noo
Wis art, no bruck, no more
Wid du tak a hunder?
Dy babe wis no for sale
So dey med a froak for
Der London fashion rail

A blink o city life
Wis dine for joost a start
But hame wis shön pooin
At treeds aboot dy heart
For du kens mair as maist
Whit is really wirt wir might
In wir shed o dreams it’s
Foo bricht we shine wir licht

In wir shed o dreams it’s
Foo bricht we shine wir licht
Track Name: Song of Aud the Deep-Minded
My father Ketil Flatnose
From Raumsdal he fled
Escaping Harald Finehair
A king we’d come to dread
The Hebrides called hersirs
To Scotland’s kinder land
From these isles we sailed forth
A-Viking to expand

Hold, hold

Steadfast, resolute

Hold, hold

Destiny refute

The quest to conquer Ireland
Was fought by love and raid
Olaf the White I married
A Dublin Queen was made
A son, Thorstein, we nurtured
Before my man was slayed
For Irish king tomb raiding
With Olaf’s life we paid

The Hebrides our refuge
Thorstein the Red and me
Grandson he met grandfather
Learned campaigns at his knee
North Scotland Thorstein conquered
He wed and brought forth young
Scots treachery then claimed him
And Ketil too was gone

This left me now defenceless
With rancour all around
Lost mother, orphan, widow
A daring plan I found
A ship was built in Caithness
Concealed by forest shade
The knarr was bound for Iceland
Strategic stops we made

With kin and slaves and free men
An Orkney trip I led
The first of my granddaughters
A Scottish chief she wed
Then on we sailed to Faroe
And married one more girl
Before wild Iceland beckoned
My fate at last to thirl

My crew of twenty members
Gained liberty and land
Dales then I claimed for me
As home, my final hand
With youngest grandchild married
My life’s work it was done
The wedding feast, my funeral
In death and life I’d won
Track Name: Da Delting Spinning Sang
I sit apo my creepie
An spin apo my wheel
An tink apo da boannie lad
At laeks me sae weel

Singin hey tweedle tweedle
Singin how tweedle twee
Da boannie roond rim
An da bricht sheenin ee
Singin hey tweedle tweedle
Singin how tweedle twee
Da boannie roond rim
An da bricht sheenin ee

My Johnie is boannie
He’s geen ta da sea
He’ll come back wi money
Atween him an me

A stör i my pocket
An siller i my pooch
An gold i my kyist nyook
A’ll no want for much

Nae mair A’ll hae rivlins
Ta platch ower da lea
Bit göd ledder böts
Laced up ta my knee

A’ll no hae a slug
Or an aald ringlit cot
Bit a göd sylk goon
An a boannie breest-knot

A’ll link in his airm
An we’ll geng ta da kirk
In voar at da dellin
A’ll no need ta wirk

Sae haste dee, my Johnie
Come hame fae da sea
Come hame wi dy money
Atween dee an me
Track Name: Kirstie Caddel's Prayer
We med fir Lerwick
Wi hope in wir hearts
In 1839
Makkin an spinnin
Weavin an fishin
Lives dat suited wis fine

Saint Martin watch owre

My tings o bairns

Shap up dy cloak for dem

Athin joost ee year
We lost James at sea
Dan Magnus, less a less
Peerie Kirstie cam
A skurtfoo o care
Tae maet, tae house, tae dress

Some bits o bairns’ claes
I took fae back greens
Served time atae da Fort
Dan made an appeal
For Poor Law relief
An won da case in coort

Tree bairns to feed
Thrown oot o Church Lane
A stairhead mattress bed
Dan tae da toon hoose
Wir hidmost address
Whaar life left me for dead

Tak tent my bairns
Spaek up an be strong
An ken I love you yet
Stengle your soul wi
Kindness an mind
Da giein haand’ll aye git
Track Name: Betty Mouat's Sang
I mind it joost lik yesterday
Da saat spray is still veeve
We lippened blashy wadder
But no da sea to heave
An bal wis fae ee aert tae next
In 1886
Dan nor-aest on an uncan coorse
Driftin fae Scatness

Driftin, we’re aye driftin
We fin meids back an fore

An if göd fortune favours wis

We land apo da shore

Athin no time I wis mesel
Columbine’s sol lodd
As skipper, mate an deckhand
Were aa taen overboard
Nine days, eight nichts, me löf-alenn
No blinndin on da gaet  
Twa biscuit an a jar o mylk
Me only faerdie-maet

Da makkin I’d taen nort tae sell
I traded in for rop
Eence nimble fingers noo I used
Ta hadd my body up
Til in a gale I ran agrund
On Norway’s Lepsøy Isle
An winnin safely back ashore
Felt lik me langest mile

In Norway first I kyuckered up
Dan Edinburgh for care
Whaar wimmen cam tae hear me tale
An tak a strand o hair  
Dan tree weeks on I med for hom
Dis time apo da Clair
Da croods I’d come ta lippen noo
Were shön ta be nae mair

For back I göd ta work da laand
Da monarch’s twenty pound
Da only mindin o me vaege
An how I ran agrund
Tinkin noo at ninety two
Back thirty year fae syne
Life’s rod his mony twists an turns
Da journey, it is dine
Track Name: Sang for Jean Pole
Aged nine in Stove in Waas
A fiddle first I played
Soldier’s Joy an Hen’s Mairch
Da early tunes I med
Clementina’s fiddle
Wis cut fae board an treed
Seaman Faider’s playing
Wis aa da help we’d need

So on turning eighteen
In eighteen ninety eight
Tunes for wedding dances
Made music dan my fate
In Lerwick Faider bocht
My gaer ta tak in tow
Paying eighteen shillings
For fiddle, case an bow

Hadd oot a langer dances
Fae four o’clock to ten
Seventeen oors o playin
Fir me an twartree men
Bow apo me foreairm
An rockin too for aese
Fingers skynned bi tyoch strings
An ringin lugs fir days

Atween me spells o playing
Cam polkas, Shetland reels
Schottisches too I danced
An keekit up me heels
Mair as a decade passed dan
In lichtsome spree an foy
Whan I cam by thirty
Da fiddle wis laid by

Losin Dad an Tammie
An Clementine göd too
Left Leebie, me an Mam
Ta mak wir hom anew
Days taen up wi makkin
As postie an da lik
Foo life’s path is trodden
It passes in a blink

Trowe it aa my fiddle
Wis never far fae sicht
Fir neebor fock I’d play
Whan in aboot da nicht
Tammy took an interest
In aa da tunes I kent
Dan cam Erchie P Lee
My mindins fir ta hent

Noo I’m auld an happit
At eighty-five I’m don
But aye I sammas wissed
'At my tunes dey wid live on
Though blate I telt my tale
In hoop someen wid mind
Aa at’s geen afore wis
Da mett o love an vynd
Track Name: Thanks Mam
Turns out I owe you big time
For a lot of who I am
And so this is a thank you
For sticking with me, Mam

For early kitchen childcare
Watching mince and tatties cook
For a chorus of voices
In every Ladybird book

For making me a tutu
For a Cinderella neep
A knitting bag, a Fair Isle
And book covers by the heap

Your time was mine  
You gave your best
You were always there in my life
Your time was mine
You gave your best
And you were always there

For all-night taxi driving
Listening to my thundering scales
For endless tea and biscuits
Staying firmly on the rails

For the weekly Shetland Times
Aberdeen-bound in the mail
Mercy drops of twenty pounds
And oatcakes without fail

For driving me to Cambridge
Telling me I would be fine
For formal hall attendance
Talking small and drinking wine

For helping me to find digs
When I moved to the big smoke
For every nightly phone call
Every laugh and every joke

For flitting me so often
In a boat or car or van
For knowing my friends always
And for welcoming my man

So thanks, Mam, for your patience
I have tried it quite a lot
Despite protests I’m dead chuffed
That you were the Mam I got
Track Name: Baloo Balilli
Baloo balilli, baloo balilli
Baloo balilli, baloo baa

Gae awa, peerie fairies
Gae awa, peerie fairies
Gae awa, peerie fairies
Fae wir bairn noo

Dan come, boannie angels
Ta wir peerie bairn
Dan come, boannie angels
Ta wir bairn noo

Dey’ll sheen owre da cradle
O wir peerie bairn
Dey’ll sheen owre da cradle
O wir bairn noo

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